Enfield Island Village Youth Centre - Making a difference in the Community

Date: 08 Dec 2010

During the school holidays Enfield Island Village Youth and Community Trust run a number of activities for young people from music workshops, and cooking, to fishing and football.

The young people are involved in shaping the projects that are on offer to them. This summer the young people came up with the idea that they could make a difference in their Community. They had the strong desire to do a gardening project. After speaking to Craig Bird (Oasis Enfield Church Leader) he put is into contact with a local resident of the Island Village who had a garden that needed some work. The project was initially a two day project.

Eight young people volunteered on the first day and turned up to help clear away a pebble boarder around the garden. The young people worked hard for 3 hours on the first day and filled up 10 rubble bags. The young people realised that it was a bigger job than we all imagined.

The young people returned the following day and brought along with them other young people that had heard what was happening and wanted to help. They spent another couple of hours clearing away the stones and tidying up the garden.  In total the young people filled 30 rubble sacks with pebbles.

When they had finished the young people realised that was still work that could be done to the garden such as preparing the soil ready to be re-turfed and then to re-turf the garden.

Not wanting to leave a job half finished the young people volunteered to finish the project. They came back the following week to prepare the back garden ready to be turfed. The young people then laid the fresh turf and left the garden ready to be enjoyed by the local resident, and her young children.

For some young people this was the first time they had done any gardening. They really got stuck in, worked hard and wanted to do a really good job. They were proud with the finished result and had a great sense of achievement.



The local resident was really pleased with the finished garden and said that it was a pleasure having the young people work on her garden. Several months later the grass has taken root and she is able to enjoy it with her young children.

The young people really got involved in this project and it inspired a number of young people to want to help more residents on the Island with maintaining their gardens.  


After the success of the Gardening project as a Youth Team we wanted to offer the young people further opportunities to help make a difference in their community. During the October Half Term after speaking with Iain Campbell of Amber Management he suggested that a good project would be to do a litter pick around the Island .

As one of the organised sessions we decided to open up a session to the young people where they went and picked litter for an hour around the Island and were then rewarded with a cooked meal.

The young people that took part enjoyed helping tidy up the local area, and it helped to give them a sense of pride in their community.  

Four young people turned up on the day and showed enthusiasm to litter pick around the Island . One young person in particular sticks in my mind because when he turned up he was more than happy to walk around the Island but not to litter pick. However we were able to give him a litter picker and even though he was adamant at the start that he would pick up no litter he ended up taking part and picking up the most litter.



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